BNIB Avante THE ONE GM_M_BBK Metallic Brushed Black Single-Head Watch Winder

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Here is a Avante THE ONE GM_M_BBK Metallic Brushed Black Single-Head Watch Winder .


THE ONE is a professional single-head watch winder. It offers an attractive, petite, and advance device that watch collectors can fit into a safe or anywhere with size limitations. It is self-contained and economical, only 2 standard alkaline batteries (C type) are sufficient to drive it continuously for approximately 3 years (@ 950TPD). It has many advance features, for example: the watch will reset to 12 o’clock position when stopped controlled by infrared sensor, automatic winding program suitable for most modern automatic watches, LCD display for different winding modes, low battery warning, and many more. THE ONE enables watch collectors to rely on AVANTE’s technology to passionately preserve their beloved watches.


Brand: Avante

Series: THE ONE

Color: Black

Finishing: Metallic Brushed 

Size: 100mmx100mmx160mm, as pictures. 


Powered by 2 standard alkaline batteries (C type) giving a life span of approximately 3 years in winding mode (@950 TPD).

Watch holder resets to 12 o’clock position upon stopping.

Ultra Low magnetic interference.  AVANTE THE ONE winding system is operate by a  advance Planetary Reduction Gear-Motor System (PRGS); and drive by a silent coreless motor.

Personalized programs for watch winding.  LCD Digital control 27 combinations setting (from 200 to 1900 TPD, CW, CCW and both directions).

Solid build. Each module uses a integrated aluminum alloy structured chassis.

Battery display and low battery indicator.

Handcrafted genuine cowhide leather watch holder pad.

Patent pending watch-holder locking clip system. Specially designed for safely securing watch onto the watch winder.

Safe rotation protection system.  For protecting your watches, watch winder will autoimatically stop winding when winder is stuck by blocking object. 


Cosmetic: Brand new, as pictures.

Auction Includes: watch winder, warranty, original box.

The watch in the picture is just for show, not for sale.